Op-ed by Senators Joseph Biden (D-Del.) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.).

The Hill

Call to Action on Protection from Gender-based Violence in Emergencies

The Call to Action is collaborative campaign to mobilize donors, UN agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders on protecting women and girls in humanitarian emergencies. It outlines concrete steps for all humanitarian stakeholders over the next five years.

Family Detention & the Flores Settlement Agreement

On July 24, 2015, Judge Dolly Gee of the Central District of California ruled that current U.S. family detention policies violate the parameters set by a 1997 legal settlement known as the Flores Settlement. To comply, the government should immediately reverse the family detention policies, dismantle the facilities, and release children and their parents. 

This brief outlines the original decision, recent litigation and its impact.

Making Livelihoods Safe for Women in Northern Iraq

The street-facing walls of the mukhtar’s house have recently been plastered and painted yellow, but the back side is still pocked by bullet holes marking ISIS’s siege a few months ago. Families...

The rights of women and refugee girls in the European crisis can’t be ignored

Around the world, women fleeing conflict and violence are undertaking perilous journeys during which they are often raped and exploited. And the violence directed against them doesn’t end when they...