Gender-based Violence

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The Plague of Displacement

The abuse, rape, exploitation and trafficking of women, girls and other vulnerable populations is exacerbated by conflict, flight and displacement, when family and community protections are weakened or destroyed. Programs that empower refugee women and girls, ensure sexual and reproductive health, build confidence and help them become self-sufficient change the gender dynamic and reduce gender-based violence.

We are relentless in our advocacy to mitigate and respond to GBV because 20 years after we identified the dearth of programming to protect women in displacement, funding and commitment remain shockingly low.

Policy Recommendations

  • Refugees have the right to an environment free from violence
  • Humanitarian programs must mitigate and respond to GBV from the outset of crises
  • Long-term, the promotion of more equal gender roles reduces GBV

Field Recommendations/Tools

  • At risk populations must contribute to the design of GBV programming
  • Prevention and response to GBV is everyone's responsibility