Emma Pearce, program officer, disabilities, has an article in Forced Migration Review's special 25th anniversary edition about the needs and rights of persons with disabilities among displaced populations.

Call to Action on Protection from Gender-based Violence in Emergencies

The Call to Action is collaborative campaign to mobilize donors, UN agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders on protecting women and girls in humanitarian emergencies. It outlines concrete steps for all humanitarian stakeholders over the next five years.

CLARA: Designing safer livelihoods programs in Iraq

The Cohort Livelihoods and Risk Analysis (CLARA) guidance and tool, developed by the Women's Refugee Commission, captures GBV risks associated with livelihoods, as well potential risks arising from programs in response to crisis. CLARA assesses livelihood needs, risks and opportunities, and highlights mitigation strategies for safer, more responsive humanitarian assistance. In April 2015, the WRC partnered with Oxfam in Iraq/Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) to pilot the CLARA guidance and tool.

Women from Central America on the Run from Violence

Women fleeing Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have been subjected to a constant threat of violence, including threats, assault, murder and rape and their governments are unable to protect them. The...

Self-Sufficiency Would Help Syrians Most

If distance from bombs is all refugees have, they will eventually look for more opportunity, even if it means making a perilous journey. The question should not be which countries can afford to...