The Women’s Refugee Commission is the only international organization solely dedicated to protecting the rights of refugee women, to sexual and reproductive health care, to an environment free from gender based violence, and to economic and social empowerment.

Protecting Women and the Environment in the Great Lakes Region

An appraisal of the energy situation, and opportunities for protection, among displaced people in the Great Lakes region.

Facilitator's Kit: Community Preparedness for Reproductive Health and Gender

This Facilitator's Kit provides a complete framework for a 3-day training on Community Preparedness for Reproductive Health and Gender. The goal is to build community capacity to prepare and respond to risks and inequities faced by women and girls during emergencies. 

Sexual and reproductive health: An essential element of disaster preparedness and response

When Tropical Cyclone Pam slammed into the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu on Friday last week, it was a grim reminder that women and girls are particularly vulnerable in catastrophes--and that...

Invisible Women Must be Included: WRC at CSW59/Beijing+20

As the 2015 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) enters the second week, it’s clear is that, collectively, we’ve made great strides in the 20 years since the Beijing Platform for Action was...

Over 7000 Central American children in US get deportation orders in absentia

La Prensa Mar 12, 2015

"...each child deserves the opportunity of stating his or her story before it is decided if he or she can continue to stay or must return to his or her country of origin."

When the Definition of ‘Life-Threatening’ Injury Undermines War Refugees’ Health Care

Sophie Chamas, Vice Mar 06, 2015

"While Nadine's injuries keep her from being able to leave the house, adequately look after her household, or take on a job, they fall outside the narrow definition of "life-threatening" that donors have...