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Border Patrol Deported 93% of Unaccompanied Mexican Children under 14 without Legal Hearings

"The vast majority unaccompanied minors are not getting a chance to show they fear persecution if they’re returned to their home countries"--a legal requirement under U.S. and international law.

US border patrol violated agency rules in deporting thousands of children

The part that’s illegal is that the government has not been adequately screening these children according to the law, according to Jennifer Podkul, senior program officer for the Migrant Rights and Justice Program.

Pregnant border crossers being detained more, longer

As ICE detains more pregnant women, costs are accruing for the women, their unborn children, and for taxpayers. “There’s a whole spectrum of alternatives to detention for individuals like this,” says Katharina Obser of the WRC.

U.S. Policy Change May Enable Speedy Release of Detained Immigrant Families

DHS acknowledges the flaws in family detention but still envisions a system where women and children are incarcerated.

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Critics Say Amenities Don't Make Up For Psychological Damage Done At Family Immigrant Detention Centers

Children become further traumatized in family detention centers, as their parents are unable to give them a sense of safety. 

William Hague’s summit against warzone rape seen as ‘costly failure’

"For an initiative that used such lofty language, I struggle to see what the initiative has tangibly created, other than recognition, acknowledgement and sympathy for the issue." Marcy Hersh, senior advocacy officer, comments on the lack of progress a year after a global summit to end sexual violence in conflicts. 

Cooking Dinner, Risking Rape

For refugee women, cooking dinner can be an all-day affair – and a dangerous one. Almost 10 years ago, the Women's Refugee Commission (WRC) put the issue of Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) on the humanitarian agenda. Today, the WRC was recognized for its ground-breaking work with a Green Star Award.

The U.S. Must Help Migrants Seeking Asylum

Enhanced border security is no way to treat refugees. In fact, it’s contrary to American values.

Immigrant Families, in a Broken Detention System

Women and children fleeing violence have a legal right to apply for asylum in the United States, and should not be detained. Furthermore, the administration’s claim that its only other option is to separate children, including babies, from their mothers is cowardly and immoral.

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Family Detention Can't Be Fixed - It Must End

The WRC recently made a trip to to the new detention facilities in Dilley, Texas, and spoke with dozens of migrant families there. More than ever, it was clear that family detention is an inhumane, and financially wasteful policy. 

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Standards For Child Migrants Could Force Detention Centers To Close

Far more families are being detained after seeking safety in the U.S., and they're being held for far longer: 6 months, a year, or more. The effects on their well-being are tragic, especially for children. Advocates, including the WRC, are challenging the legality of this extended detention.

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With the men away fighting, women take the mantle of community leaders in Lebanon's refugee camps

With many Syrian men are separated, fighting or killed, women become leaders and protectors. “In every conflict situation, there is a disruption of gender roles,” says Dale Buscher of the WRC, “Displacement creates new opportunities for a more gender-equitable society.”

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Nationality laws – a new battleground for women’s equality

The economic and social implications of gender inequality in nationality laws can prove dire for women and their children.

Where Are the Children?

As migration enforcement tightens, vulnerable migrant children are being driven further from safe routes and into the cars of kidnappers. 

Refugees who turn to sex work need support

By acknowledging refugee sex workers and establishing support protocols, we better ensure that their rights — to safety, health, information and dignity — are respected.  

Why the ACLU is suing over Catholic groups and abortions for unauthorized immigrants

Up to 80% of the women and girls fleeing Central America are sexually assaulted during the journey. Once here, they may be prevented from receiving legal contraception and abortion.

Bahamas civil society expresses “unequivocal and unapologetic” stand for equal rights on international panel

Using CSW as a springboard, Noelle Nicolls builds a strong case for equal nationality rights in the Bahamas.

Over 7000 Central American children in US get deportation orders in absentia

"...each child deserves the opportunity of stating his or her story before it is decided if he or she can continue to stay or must return to his or her country of origin."

When the Definition of ‘Life-Threatening’ Injury Undermines War Refugees’ Health Care

"While Nadine's injuries keep her from being able to leave the house, adequately look after her household, or take on a job, they fall outside the narrow definition of "life-threatening" that donors have adopted." As a result, refugees with disabilities are left more vulnerable than ever. 

Award for female migrants & asylum seekers inspired by WRC

The awards were created in 2012 by executive director of The Forum Zrinka Bralo, after she won the Voices of Courage award run by Women's Refugee Commission in New York in 2011.