The Women’s Refugee Commission is the only international organization solely dedicated to protecting the rights of refugee women, to sexual and reproductive health care, to an environment free from gender based violence, and to economic and social empowerment.

Protecting Women and the Environment in the Great Lakes Region

An appraisal of the energy situation, and opportunities for protection, among displaced people in the Great Lakes region.

Facilitator's Kit: Community Preparedness for Reproductive Health and Gender

This Facilitator's Kit provides a complete framework for a 3-day training on Community Preparedness for Reproductive Health and Gender. The goal is to build community capacity to prepare and respond to risks and inequities faced by women and girls during emergencies. 

Local Civil Society Consulted at HQ, Less So in the Field

Local organizations are perfectly placed to help crisis-affected communities. Their work merits similar attention--as well as funding and leadership roles--at the field level. 

Sexual and reproductive health: An essential element of disaster preparedness and response

When Tropical Cyclone Pam slammed into Vanuatu, it was a grim reminder that sexual and reproductive health must be a mainstay of disaster risk reduction plans. 

Refugees who turn to sex work need support

Jennifer S. Rosenberg | Al Jazeera Op-Ed Apr 15, 2015

By acknowledging refugee sex workers and establishing support protocols, we better ensure that their rights — to safety, health, information and dignity — are respected.  

Why the ACLU is suing over Catholic groups and abortions for unauthorized immigrants

Dara Lind | Vox Apr 09, 2015

Up to 80% of the women and girls fleeing Central America are sexually assaulted during the journey. Once here, they may be prevented from receiving legal contraception and abortion.