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Action Agenda

The Women’s Refugee Commission works to ensure that displaced women and young people can live in safe surroundings without fear of exploitation and abuse, have access to health care services and make a living to support themselves and their families.

We do whatever it takes to make sure that refugee women and children are safe, healthy and self-reliant by working to achieve these three goals:


  1. We advocate that an appropriate fuel, safety patrols or other safety measures are provided to protect women and girls from rape, assault—and even murder—when they leave the camps to collect firewood to cook for their families.
  2. We investigate the conditions in which women and children asylum-seekers are detained, and work to improve these conditions and to ensure that asylum-seekers have legal representation.


  1. We aim to ensure that life-saving reproductive health services, including emergency obstetrics and care for survivors of rape, are available in the early days of emergencies. We develop tools that field-based staff need in order to provide comprehensive reproductive health services in stable refugee settings.
  2. We press for improvements in standards of care and safety for women and children held in U.S. immigration detention, including the provision of health, education and legal services.


  1. We research and promote sustainable economic programs for displaced populations, including access to education and vocational training opportunities for refugee women and youth. We are leading efforts to transform livelihood programming to improve effectiveness and sustainability.
  2. We promote equal access and opportunity for refugees with disabilities in all areas, including education, income generation and skills training programs.